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DJE - Zins & Dividende

Consistently flexible and balanced


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Greater independence, less volatility

The balanced fund DJE - Zins & Dividende is characterised by balance and flexibility. Its investment approach is based on active management of equities and bonds. It aims at delivering reliable returns with minimal volatility, and a cool headedness especially in turbulent market phases. Consistent prior delivery on these goals has been substantiated with the fund’s winning of the German as well as the Austrian Fund Awards.

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Quelle: Fonds professionell - as of March 2021.  Scope Investment Awards 2022 -as of November 2021. For more details about this award, please go to

Awards and longtime experience do not guarantee future success of an investment.


The name says it all

As a balanced fund the DJE – Zins & Dividende has access to both equities and bonds. It combines these asset classes with one another in an allocation that aims for the optimal mix to secure independent, reliable returns – no matter the market dynamic.

With a maximum equity threshold of 50%, the fund invests in bonds with high credit ratings and high dividend stocks, an approach that has thus far delivered 4,29% (31.10.2022) and aims to achieve a return even in situations where stock markets perform poorly. 

Source: DJE Kapital AG. For illustration only

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  • Via active management, the portfolio is consistently adapted to a changing market environment

  • Potential appreciation of stock prices may be supplemented by interest gains from international bonds as well as dividend payments from international stocks

  • The balanced fund pursues a positive performance with low volatility in every market phase.

  • Continuous returns from interest and dividend payments can function as a buffer in case of stock price depreciation
  • The price of an investment may go up or down, and you may not get back the amount invested.

  • Income from interest and dividends is not guaranteed.

  • Bonds are subject to price risks when interest rates rise, and also to country risks and the credit and liquidity risks of their issuers.

  • Share prices can fluctuate relatively strongly due to market, currency and individual valuation factors.

  • In the case of securities not denominated in euros, there is a currency risk for investors in euros.


Fund Manager: Dr Jan Ehrhardt, Vice Chairman of the Board

Dr Jan Ehrhardt is Vice Chairman of the Board of DJE. His primary responsibilities include amongst others: private wealth management, research and portfolio management. Moreover he is responsible for the management of the DJE equity funds – Dividende & Substanz, DJE – Asien and the balanced fund DJE – Zins & Dividende.


Co-Manager: Stefan Breintner, Head of Research and Portfolio Management

Stefan Breintner is the Head of Research and Portfolio Management at DJE. Since July of 2019 he is the co-manager of the DJE – Zins & Dividende, DJE – Dividende & Substanz and the DJE – Asien. Moreover, he manages the DJE Gold & Stabilitätsfonds and the DJE – Gold & Ressourcen as lead fund manager. He also heads the ESG committee since 2019.


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