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DJE - Dividende & Substanz

In the long term, quality is crucial

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20 years of pure dividend strategy

With its focus on investor-friendly corporate policies, DJE – Dividende & Substanz is a cornerstone of the DJE strategies. The global equity fund combines dividend income with share price gains and has been managed by
Dr. Jan Ehrhardt since day one. The fund celebrated its 20th anniversary on January 27, 2023.

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Source: Scope Investment Awards 2022, as of November 2021 - for more information on this award, visit:

Awards and many years of experience do not guarantee investment success.


Long-term growth in spite of crises

The DJE – Dividende & Substanz has an above-average dividend yield compared with global equities. In addition, the fund management pays attention to share buybacks, which make the shares remaining on the market more expensive. This also brings sectors into focus that tend to let their investors participate in the company's success through share buybacks, for example large technology groups. In principle, the focus on the substance of companies, such as return on equity, free cash flow and debt-to-equity ratio, helps to keep volatility below average.

This approach has enabled the fund to successfully weather more than one crisis since its launch and clearly outperform its benchmark index MSCI World (EUR) during this period.




Source: Bloomberg, own presentation. Period: Jan. 27, 2003 to Dec. 30, 2022. The benchmark index is the MSCI World Index (EUR). Performance calculated according to the BVI method, i.e. excluding the front-end load. The funds are actively managed by DJE and, if a benchmark index is indicated, without reference to it. The performance graphs and tables presented are based on own calculations and were calculated according to the BVI method and illustrate past performance. Past performance is not indicative of future returns. The gross performance (BVI method) takes into account all costs incurred at fund level (e.g., the management fee), while the net performance additionally includes the front-end load. Further costs may be incurred individually at customer level (e.g. custody fees, commissions and other charges). Model calculation (net): An investor wishes to purchase units for 1,000 euros. With a maximum issue surcharge of 5.00%, he must pay a one-off purchase fee of 50.00 euros. In addition, custody account costs may be incurred, which reduce the performance. The custody account costs can be found in your bank's list of prices and services.


  • Experienced management employing the FMM investment approach that draws on fundamental, market-technical, and monetary aspects. This approach has an outstanding track record reaching back to 1974

  • Benchmark independent participation in the global equity markets

  • Global dividend stocks are at attractive levels

  • Dividends provide for recurring return potential on top of possible stock price appreciation and thereby may cushion price deprecation

  • Stock prices may vary significantly due to market, currency, and company specific risks

  • Dividends may rise, fall, or be entirely cut

  • Currency risks exist because of a high portion of non-domestic investments in the portfolio

  • The thus far successful investment approach does not guarantee future investment success

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Fund Manager: Dr Jan Ehrhardt, Vice Chairman of the Board

Dr Jan Ehrhardt is Vice Chairman of the Board of DJE. His primary responsibilities include amongst others: private wealth management, research and portfolio management. Moreover he is responsible for the management of the equity funds DJE – Dividende & Substanz, DJE – Asien and the balanced fund DJE – Zins & Dividende.


Co-Manager: Stefan Breitner, Head of Research and Portfolio Management

Stefan Breintner is the Head of Research and Portfolio Management at DJE. Since July 2019 he is the co-manager of the DJE – Zins & Dividende, DJE – Dividende & Substanz and the DJE – Asien. Moreover, he manages the DJE Gold & Stabilitätsfonds and the DJE – Gold & Ressourcen as lead fund manager. He also heads the ESG committee since 2019.


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